2017 DBN Survey Results

Our Impact 

A 4th grade boy ran for student council with the campaign slogan,”Our differences are our strengths” as a result of PGA golf instructor Shane LeBaron’s Champion Chat.  

A high school student is now enrolled in music production college as a result of mentoring from Champion Chat speaker Darryl Duncan. Read here

After hearing Champion Chat speaker Shawn Cork, a 12-year old girl said, “He said all the things that I think about dyslexia, but have never said out loud.” Read here.

An extraordinary young woman made an impact on the life of a little girl in the Dyslexia Buddy Network. "Be a person you needed when you were younger!"  

After hearing PGA golf instructor Shane LeBaron, a second grader decided to learn golf because he wants to be like Shane. 

From parents:

“This was a game changer for our family! My son is starting to think of dyslexia as a strength!”

"My son is now proud to wear his dyslexia awareness shirts."

"She knows she is not the only one, and that's helped her confidence."

"My son feels less lonely."

​​The Dyslexia Buddy Network & Embracing Dyslexia present:  “What I Wish Teachers Knew About Dyslexia” 

Watch our popular 8-minute film! Thank you to the courageous youth who participated in this film! Your Voice MATTERS! Read our short blog that gives the background for the film. Please share this link to the film widely.

Champion Chat with Brent Sopel 

90 of our kids - 47 families - skated with Brent and heard his story of growing up with dyslexia. Read his inspiring story here. 

How to Build a Dyslexia Youth Group

Learn how the Dyslexia Buddy Network was built, what worked best, and the resources used. This is also a great background on our group. 

Download the PDF here