The Mason Project's mission is to increase the number of Certified Academic Language Therapists (C.A.L.T.) in Illinois, by providing programming support and tuition assistance for C.A.L.T. training in Illinois.  

The Mason Project is a collaboration between The Written Word Learning Center and the Dyslexia Buddy Network, a 501c3. Its name was the idea of Tara Chapman, founder of The Written Word Learning Center. Mason was her first student in Illinois, and he is the son of the Dyslexia Buddy Network’s founder, Kristin Paxton. The Written Word Learning Center and the Dyslexia Buddy Network will not receive any profits from this training. In fact, we are investing our own personal money and time to make this happen because time is of the essence for our kids! 

Dyslexia Therapy is the gold standard of dyslexia education. Illinois has one C.A.L.T. By comparison, C.A.L.T.'s are prevalent in Texas schools. The Written Word Learning Center has arranged
the first-ever Dyslexia Therapist training in Illinois, led by a Qualified Instructor from MCA’s Multisensory Teacher Training Center, a 501c3 in Texas.

  • This training will have an immediate impact on children in the Chicagoland area. 

  • 100% of Illinois parents of dyslexic children reported their schools are unequipped to properly teach their children. (2016 survey, Dyslexia Buddy Network

  • Dyslexia requires a different methodology of teaching reading, writing and spelling, however, teacher-training programs don't include dyslexia, not even special education, Masters, or reading specialist programs. 

​The Mason Project is a division of the Dyslexia Buddy Network, a 501c3, EIN #81-3636539
Illinois Attorney General Charitable Trust Bureau Registration #01072338

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