​​Dyslexia Buddy Network Champion Chat: Shawn Cork

“He said all the things that I think about dyslexia, but I’ve never said them out loud,” said one girl about Shawn Cork’s presentation. Shawn describes the significant impact the delay in diagnosis had on his schooling and self-esteem. Read about our gift to Shawn

Download Shawn's Poems Here: 

  • "Hate" written prior to diagnosis
  • "Dyslexia", written after diagnosis

Dyslexia Buddy Network Champion Chat:

Scott Forsythe, Founder of DyslexicKids.net

Scott Forsythe shares his inspiring story with the kids in the Dyslexia Buddy Network. His message about perseverance, assistive technology and self-advocacy left our kids feeling empowered.

Headstrong Nation: Inside the World of Dyslexia and ADHD

"Because I'm Dyslexic," from Dyslexic Advantage

Dyslexia Buddy Network Champion Chat:

John Rodrigues, author "High School Dropout to Harvard" and ice sculptor

What an honor to have John Rodrigues. His life story resonated with our youth. A special treat for the kids was that John helped hand out Award of Excellence ribbons to EVERY kid recognizing their hard work this school year! Be sure to watch the new documentary John is featured in - "Being You: Your Difference is Your Strength."

Dyslexia Buddy Network Champion Chat:

Award-Winning Songwriter Darryl Duncan, GameBeat Studios 

“Each of you has a special gift and talent that is above average, and makes you very, very special. People with dyslexia have unique skills, and above average talents," said award-winning songwriter, Darryl Duncan, to the Dyslexia Buddy Network.  

As a result of Darryl's mentoring of a high school student in our organization, he enrolled in music production college. Read the inspiring story here.  

Darryl's songs have been recorded on over 31 albums or motion pictures. He's written music for commercial product jingles for Toyota, Miller beer, BP/Amoco, McDonald’s, The Illinois State Lottery, Volkswagon, Kalahari Resorts, and more. 

Dyslexia Buddy Network Champion Chat:

Shane LeBaron, professional golf coach & owner LeBaron Golf

Shane LeBaron taught our kids how to improve their golf swings, and shared his story of growing up with dyslexia. He played professional golf for three years. As a result of hearing Shane, a 4th grade boy decided to run for student council with the slogan, "Our differences are our strengths" and a 2nd grade boy decided to learn golf, "to be like Shane." 

Shane is a Level 3 Jim Hardy “Plane Truth” Certified Instructor, has been voted by Golf Digest 2013 “Best Teachers in Your State”, and is a member of the Callaway Golf Master Staff. He was nominated in 2014 for Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructors.


Ayden's Story - Having Dyslexia

"Dear Teachers, 

I have dyslexia, but I'm a superhero!" 

Ayden, 6th grade, Illinois


Learning Ally's YES! Program: Inspiring Youth Say What It's Like to Have Dyslexia

Our remarkable YES! kids share what their dyslexia struggles feel like, and a little about what's helped them find success.

Posted by Learning Ally on Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"Like a Dyslexic", made by a talented 12-year old girl in Australia who is a dyslexia advocate. 

From Understood.org:

Brent Sopel, Stanley Cup Winner

Our Dyslexia Buddy Network kids

are featured!

Sophia's Dyslexia Fight Song

Sophia's video letter to her 5th grade teacher. She was diagnosed with dyslexia after a two year battle with the school district."